Bushnell has been named an "NFCA Corporate Friend," with the designation of "Official Radar Gun and Sunglasses." The agreement goes into 2004.

"We're really excited about partnering with the NFCA," said Bob Hampton, Bushnell Director of Sales for Golf and Tennis. "Our long-term involvement with other sports such as skiing, tennis, cycling and running, give us a great background in working with high action sports."

Bushnell's radar gun, the Speedster, is a multi-functional speed gun used for all types of sports. It is lightweight and originally was manufactured to clock serving speeds in tennis. For softball, it can measure throws from 6 to 110 mph from over 75 feet away. In addition, it allows the user to keep statistics for up to eight players, including the current, last and average speed.

It features a highly legible four-row LCD graphics display, trigger and two-way button pad. It uses Bushnell technology and DSP signal-processing to provide instantaneous and real-time speed measurements, of plus or minus 1.0 mph speed accuracy. The Speedster will be sold on the NFCA's web site at a discounted member price of $209 (non-member price of $219).

The Competivision Sunglasses, manufactured by Bushnell subsidiary Bolle (pronounced Bo-LAY), are made especially to enhance vision when the optic yellow ball is used in competition. It is considered by some the most sports specific technology ever invented.

Competivision's filters carefully mute all colors in the spectrum except for optic yellow. The result: a softball that pops out of the background. The glasses are available in one style in large or small sizes, with interchangeable lenses for wear off the playing field. Besides enhancing playability, all Bolle lenses offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection against the sun's harmful rays. The glasses retail at $109/members $117/nonmembers on the NFCA's web site.

Since Dave Bushnell founded the company in 1947, Bushnell has built its position as the market leader in sports optics through a combination of optical performance, innovation, reliability and value. It leads the market in all product categories and has created the world*s best-known optical products for hunting, birding, spectator sports, stargazing and more, including sport optics marketed under the Bausch & Lomb brand name.

Bolle is a global leader in manufacturing and distributing specialized sport and high tech sunglasses. Whether it's a NASA space shuttle launch, an Everest climb or an Olympic ski event, chances are pretty good that Bolle is involved. Some of the top athletes, celebrities and coaches wear and endorse Bolle.

Keep Your Coaching Pitch Perfect.

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