Although the rain was coming down, the field was ready and Emory and Illinois
Wesleyan had begun their pregame rituals. Much to their dismay, though, the
first game of day three (which was supposed to be the last game of day two) was
again postponed because of the weather. Not only was it postponed, it was
rescheduled for Monday, leaving both teams prepped and ready, but unable to
play. Here, the teams let us know how they passed the time:

Penny Siqueiros, Head Coach, Emory University - "We've been ready to play
every time. It's a huge tease to get ready and not be able to play. One
benefit is that at least we've been able to go through our pre-game (and at
least play a little). "It's very frustrating. The kids want to get on the
field. (During the rain delay) we're doing what we do best and that's eat.
We're trying to find little chores for everyone like sending the freshman to
do some laundry. We'll have to be to bed early because our pre-game will
start early. It doesn't hurt to relax because we had finals and regional
s at the same time. "I think what the committee did was a great call. The
committee did a good job; they're making sound, non-emotional decisions. They
want the best and safest ball."

Beth Hasheider, Head Coach, Illinois Wesleyan -
"We ate and went to the mall.
We've also been doing a lot of hanging out at the hotel and the ball park.
We just wish this dang rain would stop! "It's really frustrating because we've
been here five days and only played one game and have warmed up three times.
After winning the first game, we really felt like we were on a roll. We keep
wanting to play and we can't. "I think the committee is in a touch situation
because you can't plan for this. There's not a lot you can do about it."

Margie Knight, Head Coach, Salisbury - "Our student coach sort of invented an
agility that the team loves to play. They're really good at it; they'll play
for two to three hours. And we play a lot of cards. "Also, we're in the middle
of finals until Wednesday. There's a lot of paper-writing, too. So we're
spending a lot of time studying. Also, we were fortunate that we found a
place to practice. "We're a close knit team and we're just enjoying each
other's company. This is only our fourth overnight trip this season. We
haven't been together that long and we don't force the issue of hanging out
together (at school). "I think the committee was very prudent to call (the
games). I thought it was very wise in the situation we're in to do what they
did. It may work to our advantage to have a day off. We've got a lot of
injuries, a lot of weird stuff." (Salisbury's Leslie White actually has
trench foot, a cellular disorder that she acquired during regionals when
there was, guess what, a lot of rain. Until she went to a doctor, her foot
was swollen up to her knee.)

Rick Willis, Head Coach, Wartburg - "We've done a combination of things.
We're still in school, so there's still a lot of work to do. Some girls went
shopping and some of the team went to visit the Virginia Tech campus. "The
delay hasn't really impacted us. There's obviously not much anyone can do
about this. (The tournament directors) are doing everything they can. I don't
sense frustration, but we're anxious to have a chance to play. "The committee
is making the right decisions. It's amazing that we got in the games we got
in. I have no complaints about the way it's being handled. It's not an easy
decision. There will be different ramifications for different teams. I think
when you get in this kind of situation, you've got to do whatever you can do
to get games played. We're fortunate to be in a locale that allows us to
play more than one game at a time."

Brad Posner, Assistant Coach, SUNY Cortland - "The girls are going to the
mall and might catch a movie. It's a little tough to wait out the rain. It's
not effecting our play, though. We're excited to play and our approach will
stay the same. We'll take one game at a time and go out and worry about the
first game, especially since we've already lost one."



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