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LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The NFCA is proud to unveil its Diamond of Ethics, which will replace the long-standing current Code of Ethics. The Association’s Ethics Committee, along with Executive Director Carol Bruggeman, President Karen Weekly, Kelley Fisher (NFCA Special Projects) and Legal Counsel Samantha Ekstrand, created a new document that focuses on four key principles – Commitment, Integrity, Respect, and Professionalism.

These principle serve as the foundational ethical bases of the NFCA and govern how NFCA members are expected to speak, write, and act at all times, on and off the field.

“I am very appreciative of the work the Ethics Committee invested to create the NFCA Diamond of Ethics,” said Weekly. “Each base of the diamond represents an important individual guidepost for coaches as well as a value central to our mission as a national association.”

Diamond of EthicsDiamond of Ethics

The committee – Jen Steele (University of Delaware), Trena Prater (University of Iowa), Jessica Hollen (George Fox University), JuliAnne Towers (Tennessee Mojo), Jeff Tylka (former Loyola Chicago head coach) and Luke Town (Advanced Fastpitch Academy) – along with Bruggeman, Weekly, Fisher and Ekstrand collaborated over several months by reviewing  various “Code of Ethics” from other coaches organizations, to create this document. It was approved by the NFCA’s Board of Directors at the annual August Board meeting at the Association’s headquarters in Louisville.

“I love that the Diamond of Ethics is straight forward and puts value on the things most important to the sport close to all of our hearts,” Hollen said.

The “Diamond of Ethics” is a requisite of membership and effective immediately for all current and future members.

The four foundational ethical bases are:

COMMITMENT: We are committed to being the best coaches we can be. We are both students and teachers of the game, striving both to learn more and to share our knowledge for the betterment of the sport and those involved in it. We are committed to the safety of those who play, coach, and officiate the game. 

RESPECT: We respect our colleagues, our student-athletes, our umpires, our opponents, our fans, our institution, our community, competition, and the game. Respect is demonstrated in how we act and interact with others, how we coach, the words we use and how we say them. This means we treat others and the game with the highest regard.

INTEGRITY: We value and believe in honesty and character. We follow both the letter and the spirit of the rules that govern our sport and the law. Our relationships and our conduct are rooted in truthfulness and the intent to do no harm to others or the sport.

PROFESSIONALISM: We hold sportsmanship and the way we conduct ourselves in and around this game to the highest level. While we coach, play, recruit, cheer, umpire, and discuss the game with great passion, we also recognize that we must do these things with courtesy, common decency, and respect. We are guardians of the game and we act accordingly. 

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