LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) is proud to announce the 364 players chosen for the 2016 NFCA Division III All-Region softball teams.

As in the past, the squad is comprised of three teams in each of the country’s eight NCAA regions.

Second-ranked Salisbury University leads a strong contingent of players from the NFCA Division III Top 25, placing the maximum six players on the squad in the Atlantic region, including three on the first team. Luther College and Texas Lutheran — who are tied at No. 5 in the rankings — also placed all six nominated players from their schools, as did eighth-ranked East Texas Baptist, No. 9 Emory and 18th-ranked Illinois Wesleyan.

Luther had four of its six players named to the first team in the Midwest region, tying No. 11 Messiah, 22nd-ranked Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Otterbein for the most players on the first team from any school.

Top-ranked Virginia Wesleyan, No. 3 Texas-Tyler, Messiah, 15th-ranked Rowan, No. 16 Ithaca, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 23rd-ranked Washington (Mo.), Cortland, Lake Forest, Otterbein and Tufts — the winner of the last three NCAA titles — all had five selections. Eleven other schools garnered four choices apiece.

All-Region players are nominated and selected by NFCA member coaches in each of the eight Division III regions. First team All-Region choices are eligible for selection to the NFCA All-America team, which will be announced the evening of May 25 online at NFCA.org and in person at the NCAA Division III Championship banquet in Salem, Va.

To download a PDF of the entire All-Region list, click HERE




Pitcher                                  Kandis Kresinske                                       Virginia Wesleyan College

Pitcher                                  Brittany File                                                Emory University

Catcher                                 Madison Gilman                                       Randolph-Macon College

First Base                             Cassetty Howerin                                      Virginia Wesleyan College

Second Base                       Molly Simpson                                            Salisbury University

Third Base                           Kierston Garner                                          Salem College

Shortstop                             Kim Dorsey                                                  Salisbury University

Outfield                                Scoop Simon                                               Christopher Newport University

Outfield                                Courtney Bogan                                         Virginia Wesleyan College

Outfield                                Kimberly Brady                                           Shenandoah University

Designated Player            Haley Crumpton                                           Birmingham-Southern College

Utility                                    Paige Knussman                                         Salisbury University

At-Large                               Kassie Howard                                             Berry College

At-Large                               Hannah Tavik                                               Frostburg State University

At-Large                               Jessica Long                                                  Averett University


Pitcher                                  Mary Shipp                                                 Virginia Wesleyan College

Pitcher                                  Annah Jo Brittingham                               Salisbury University

Catcher                                 Carli Hill                                                      Eastern Mennonite University

First Base                             Ashley Powers                                            Emory University

Second Base                       Janelle Turnquest                                       Emory University

Third Base                           Christine Hume                                          Rhodes College

Shortstop                             Kiersten Richardson                                  Virginia Wesleyan College

Outfield                                Jessica McMahan                                      Maryville College

Outfield                                Brittany Ferrell                                           Berry College

Outfield                                Alyssa Pollard                                             Emory University

Designated Player            Makayla Carver                                            Guilford College

Utility                                    Mackenzie Chitwood                                Lynchburg College

At-Large                               Taylor Harkins                                             Birmingham-Southern College

At-Large                               Lindsey Wiggins                                         William Peace College

At-Large                               Melody Carter                                            Emory University


At-Large                               Hannah Hoban                                           Piedmont College

At-Large                               Josie Novak                                                 Moravian College

At-Large                               Mary Beth Smith                                        Averett University

At-Large                               Brooke Mizelle                                            Salisbury University

At-Large                               Cassie Baca                                                  Emory University

At-Large                               Amanda Carisone                                      Moravian College

At-Large                               Emma Varrato                                            Elizabethtown College

At-Large                               Caroline Womble                                       William Peace College

At-Large                               Amanda Neveroski                                    Susquehanna University

At-Large                               Caitlin Lake                                                 Salisbury University

At-Large                               Marie Collop                                              Berry College

At-Large                               Brittany Tuttle                                            Berry College

At-Large                               Julie Siragusa                                             Moravian College

At-Large                               Taylor Blevins                                             Frostburg State University

At-Large                               Savannah Lee                                             Birmingham-Southern College




Pitcher                                  Morgan Stratton                                       Alma College

Pitcher                                  Chelsea Zang                                             Wittenberg University

Catcher                                 Mikaela Mitsch                                         Heidelberg University

First Base                             Krista DeBurger                                         Transylvania University

Second Base                       Maddie Flasco                                            Otterbein University

Third Base                           Kendra Marshall                                         Trine University

Shortstop                             Kailey Liverman                                         Westminster College (Pa.)

Outfield                                Cassie Young                                              Saint Mary's College (Ind.)

Outfield                                Bailey McElwain                                        Otterbein University

Outfield                                Molly Riggs                                                 Otterbein University

Designated Player            Lauren Godden                                            DePauw University

Utility                                    Sarah Herold                                              Denison University

At-Large                               Justine Robles                                             Trine University

At-Large                               Rachael Owens                                           Otterbein University

At-Large                               Josie McElroy                                              Bluffton University


Pitcher                                  Kirsten Lightel                                            Ohio Northern University

Pitcher                                  Jazmyn Rohrer                                           Westminster College (Pa.)

Catcher                                 Lydia Gildea                                                Calvin College

First Base                             Shelby Noel                                                  Saint Vincent College

Second Base                       Brittany Mumford                                       Transylvania University

Third Base                           Amanda Howell                                           Denison University

Shortstop                             Kayla Zachrich                                             Heidelberg University

Outfield                                Megan Lalioff                                              Franklin College

Outfield                                Morgan Kain                                                Mount St. Joseph University

Outfield                                Katie Struewing                                          Franklin College

Designated Player            Savannah Blevins                                          Franklin College

Utility                                    Amanda Lahti                                              Ohio Northern University

At-Large                               Rachell Noble                                               Trine University

At-Large                               Savannah Hooper                                        Wilmington College (Ohio)

At-Large                               Samantha Emert                                          Saint Vincent College


At-Large                               Maddie DeGroot                                         Calvin College

At-Large                               Kylie Asmus                                                  Ohio Northern University

At-Large                               Alix DeDreu                                                   Thomas More College

At-Large                               Katy Baumgartner                                       Wittenberg University

At-Large                               Jamie Young                                                 Saint Mary's College (Ind.)

At-Large                               Megan Garner                                             Otterbein University

At-Large                               Kaitlin Klinchock                                          Marietta College

At-Large                               Sammi Bell                                                   DePauw University

At-Large                               Liz Getz                                                         DePauw University

At-Large                               Melissa Maiorano                                       Muskingum University

At-Large                               Anna Gernant                                              Calvin College

At-Large                               Marissa Smego                                           Heidelberg University

At-Large                               Emma Baldwin                                            DePauw University

At-Large                               Cassie Weiss                                                Bethany College (W. Va.)

At-Large                               Katie McClure                                              Alma College




Pitcher                                  Courtney Allen                                            Messiah College

Pitcher                                  Beth Ann Hyland                                        Rowan University

Catcher                                 Wynne McCann                                         Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham

First Base                             Aarin Hartenstein                                       Manhattanville College

Second Base                       Desiree Buboi                                              Manhattanville College

Third Base                           Alicia Marino                                               Manhattanville College

Shortstop                             Shilah Snead                                                Rowan University

Outfield                                Sammy Bost                                                Lebanon Valley College

Outfield                                Dana Knapp                                                 Kean University

Outfield                                Christine Ferraro                                        Cabrini College

Designated Player            Ashley DeYoung                                           Rowan University

Utility                                    Carrie Fix                                                     Messiah College

At-Large                               Becky Notte                                                 Messiah College

At-Large                               Nikki Caruso                                                Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham

At-Large                               Erin Cressman                                             Messiah College


Pitcher                                  Alycia Feeney                                             Manhattanville College

Pitcher                                  Alexis Schengrund                                     Widener University

Catcher                                 Emily Johnson                                            Lebanon Valley College

First Base                             Danielle Grayson                                        Neumann University

Second Base                       Carly Anderson                                           Rowan University

Third Base                           Taylor Torre                                                 Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham

Shortstop                             Amanda Jones                                            Messiah College

Outfield                                Kelcie Senchak                                            King's College

Outfield                                Morgan Smith                                             Rowan University

Outfield                                Katie Sterling                                               Widener University

Utility                                    Samantha Shockey                                     Stockton University

At-Large                               Annemarie Bartow                                      Immaculata University

At-Large                               Brooke Powers                                             Montclair State University

At-Large                               Ally Horvath                                                 Widener University


At-Large                               Sam Platt                                                       The College of New Jersey

At-Large                               Christina Tufano                                          College of Staten Island

At-Large                               Sarah Blagg                                                  Penn State Behrend

At-Large                               Kayli Paugh                                                  Hood College

At-Large                               Alie Alkins                                                    Widener University

At-Large                               Bailee Schies                                               Misericordia University

At-Large                               Rachel Wasilak                                           William Paterson University

At-Large                               Brittany Scott                                              Rutgers University-Camden

At-Large                               Emily Long                                                   Keystone College

At-Large                               Lia Stamile                                                   Montclair State University

At-Large                               Noel Hodgins                                               Montclair State University

At-Large                               Jackie Bilotti                                                 Arcadia University

At-Large                               Cheyanne Brown                                        Lebanon Valley College

At-Large                               Melissa Rozumalski                                    Neumann University

At-Large                               Gaby Bennett                                              The College of New Jersey




Pitcher                                  Katie Thornton                                           Wheaton College (Ill.)

Pitcher                                  Vanessa Hartzell                                         Aurora University

Catcher                                 Elaine Walker                                              Aurora University

First Base                             Hailey Rothstein                                         Carthage College

First Base                             Sally Snarski                                                Lake Forest College

Second Base                       Leah Wolff                                                   University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Third Base                           Kayla Morrissey                                          Grinnell College

Shortstop                             Evie Schaller                                               University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Outfield                                Jillian Runyon                                              Illinois Wesleyan University

Outfield                                Melissa Stoch                                              Benedictine University

Outfield                                Tala Cornell                                                  Beloit College

Designated Player            Darian Pelsor                                                 Carthage College

Utility                                    Emily Gorges                                               Marian University

At-Large                               Jenna Noland                                               Illinois Wesleyan University

At-Large                               Abby Menting                                              University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

At-Large                               Mandey Shrader                                          Aurora University


Pitcher                                  Jessi Werner                                                 Lake Forest College

Pitcher                                  Lauren Blasczyk                                           University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Pitcher                                  Sara Brunlieb                                                University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Pitcher                                  Elizabeth Hippen                                         Monmouth College

Catcher                                 Alex Hemmer                                               Lake Forest College

Catcher                                 Dani Smith                                                    Illinois Wesleyan University

First Base                             Courtney Grasz                                            Benedictine University

Second Base                       Christina Sandstedt                                     Wheaton College (Ill.)

Third Base                           Erika Berry                                                    University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Shortstop                             Meg Krautsch                                              Lawrence University

Outfield                                Tierney Duffy                                               Lawrence University

Outfield                                Mallory Klotz                                               University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Outfield                                Caitlin Catino                                               University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Designated Player            Ali Woitovich                                                  Dominican University

Utility                                    Laura Dierking                                             Aurora University

At-Large                               Holly Haberkorn                                          Benedictine University

At-Large                               Jenny McTague                                            Lake Forest College

At-Large                               Sam Gudat                                                    Illinois Wesleyan University


At-Large                               Mackenzie Marquis                                     Illinois Wesleyan University

At-Large                               Kailee Cable                                                  Benedictine University

At-Large                               Alyssa Domico                                             Dominican University

At-Large                               Missy Griffin                                                 Cornell College

At-Large                               Kaleigh Ambrose                                         Lake Forest College

At-Large                               Michaela Guthrie                                        Monmouth College

At-Large                               Sydney Murphy                                          University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

At-Large                               Deidra Weinberger                                     Concordia University (Wis.)

At-Large                               Emily Rux                                                      University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

At-Large                               Kristin Lopez                                                 University of Chicago

At-Large                               Devan Parkison                                             University of Chicago

At-Large                               Jenna Trojniar                                               North Central College

At-Large                               Kirstyn Ozga                                                 Monmouth College

At-Large                               Mary Rankin                                                Illinois Wesleyan University

At-Large                               Julia Camardo                                              University of Wisconsin-Whitewater




Pitcher                                  Kierstin Anderson-Glass                           University of St. Thomas

Pitcher                                  Amanda Witzlib                                         Luther College

Catcher                                 Tori Haag                                                     Simpson College

First Base                             Erica Burney                                                Westminster (Mo.)

Second Base                       Miranda McCay                                           Luther College

Third Base                           Tiffany Samsoe                                            Greenville College

Shortstop                             Robyn Rohr                                                  St. Catherine University

Outfield                                Hannah Mehrle                                          Washington (Mo.) University

Outfield                                Lindsey Uphoff                                           Luther College

Outfield                                Bryn McKie                                                 Greenville College

Designated Player            Mariah Harper                                              St. Mary's University (Minn.)

Utility                                    Riley Fisher                                                  Simpson College

At-Large                               Annie Pitkin                                                  Washington (Mo.) University

At-Large                               Ashley Burrows                                            Luther College

At-Large                               Janet Taylor                                                  Washington (Mo.) University


Pitcher                                  Samantha Bratland                                   Luther College

Pitcher                                  Krista Flugstad                                            St. Catherine University

Catcher                                 Kara Warren                                                College of St. Scholastica

First Base                             Brooke Hofer                                               Washington University

Second Base                       Erica Countryman                                       Wartburg College

Third Base                           Maggie Schley                                             College of St. Scholastica

Shortstop                             Mallory McArtor                                        Coe College

Outfield                                Amber Tepen                                              Westminster College (Mo.)

Outfield                                Amanda Orrell                                            Hamline University

Outfield                                Anna Lauko                                                 Carleton College

Designated Player            Brenna Walek                                               University of St. Thomas

Utility                                    Mara Forysth                                              Wartburg College

At-Large                               Tabitha Taylor                                              Central College

At-Large                               Anna Strien                                                  Luther College

At-Large                               Micaela Trainor                                           University of St. Thomas


At-Large                               Abbie Van Vleet                                          Simpson College

At-Large                               Karly Olson                                                  Central College

At-Large                               Chrisi Mizera                                               College of St. Scholastica

At-Large                               Madison Leonard                                       Fontbonne University

At-Large                               Cheyanne Boland                                       Buena Vista University

At-Large                               Caroline Kivisto                                           Bethel University

At-Large                               Alyssa Johnson                                           Westminster College (Mo.)

At-Large                               Rachel Guessford                                        Simpson College

At-Large                               Megan Toninato                                          College of St. Benedict

At-Large                               Mary Clare Couillard                                  Hamline University

At-Large                               Emelia Modglin                                           Fontbonne University

At-Large                               Taylor Arends                                              Washington (Mo.) University

At-Large                               Samantha Brown                                       Fontbonne University

At-Large                               Allie O'Brien                                               Coe College

At-Large                               Sara Wennerstrand                                   College of St. Benedict




Pitcher                                  Alexandra Marshall                                   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Pitcher                                  Clare Doolin                                               Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Catcher                                 Lindsay Gurska                                          Worcester Polytechnic Institute

First Base                             Cassie Ruscz                                               Tufts University

Second Base                       Christina Raso                                             Tufts University

Third Base                           Madison Sullivan                                        Brandeis University

Shortstop                             Gabby Lavinio                                             Western New England University

Outfield                                Nina Murphy-Cook                                    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Outfield                                Ama Biney                                                   Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Outfield                                Erica Li                                                          Williams College

Designated Player            Taylor Daniels                                                Worcester State University

Utility                                    Raven Fournier                                           Tufts University

At-Large                               Sydney Despres                                           Worcester State University

At-Large                               Emma Hart                                                   Wheaton College (Mass.)

At-Large                               Mackenzie Murphy                                     Williams College


Pitcher                                  Mariah Crisp                                                Keene State College

Pitcher                                  Heidi Grieger                                               Western New England University

Catcher                                 Courtney Salisbury                                     Worcester State University

First Base                             Caroline Fairbanks                                       Wheaton College (Mass.)

Second Base                       Chrissy Gikas                                                  Endicott College

Third Base                           Tiffanie Marsh                                               Framingham State University

Shortstop                             Alyssa Hancock                                            Eastern Connecticut State University

Outfield                                Caroline Rice                                                Bowdoin College

Outfield                                Anna Pisac                                                    Wellesley College

Outfield                                Jasmin Joseph                                              Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Designated Player            Jenny Galavotti                                              Keene State College

Utility                                    Noelle Sass                                                  Newbury College

At-Large                               Sheri Liggiero                                               Newbury College

At-Large                               Lexi Curt                                                        Williams College

At-Large                               Erin Weber                                                   Western Connecticut State University


At-Large                               Jessica Babcock                                          Castleton University

At-Large                               Emma Hamilton                                         Middlebury College

At-Large                               Dakota Smith-Porter                                 Worcester State University

At-Large                               Raina Galbiati                                             Tufts University

At-Large                               Christian Cain                                             Tufts University

At-Large                               Caraline Wood                                           Worcester Polytechnic Institute

At-Large                               Hayden Short                                             U.S. Coast Guard Academy

At-Large                               Emily Hoffman                                           Endicott College

At-Large                               Carly Bresee                                               Wellesley College

At-Large                               Amanda Vallante                                       University of New England

At-Large                               Kendall Meehan                                         Nichols College

At-Large                               Courtney Davis                                           University of Southern Maine

At-Large                               Jill Miller                                                      UMass-Dartmouth

At-Large                               Jessica Wheelahan                                    Becker College

At-Large                               Michaela Roche                                          Western Connecticut State University




Pitcher                                  Lindsey Thayer                                         St. John Fisher College

Pitcher                                  Patti Sciglimpaglia                                   University of Saint Joseph (Conn.)

Catcher                                 Kelly Robichaud                                       Ithaca College

First Base                             Casey Gavin                                               Ithaca College

Second Base                       Dani DeGregory                                        Skidmore College

Third Base                           Morgan Dunn                                            The Sage Colleges

Shortstop                             Kayla Kibling                                              University of Rochester

Outfield                                Gavriella Risman-Jones                           Stevens Institute of Technology

Outfield                                Jamie Bucci                                                SUNY Cortland

Outfield                                Jenna Heffner                                            Penn State Berks

Designated Player              Jill Pulek                                                      Suffolk University

Utility                                    Stephanie Caudle                                     Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

At-Large                               Lauren Fortunato                                      Skidmore College

At-Large                               Allison Macari                                            Ithaca College

At-Large                               Alysa Russell                                              Utica College


Pitcher                                  Alexandrea Flint                                        SUNY Cortland

Pitcher                                  Jessica Rozick                                            Penn State Berks

Catcher                                 Rachel Heizer                                            College of Mount St. Vincent

First Base                             Emily Gorecki                                            Johnson & Wales University

Second Base                       Lauren Shirley                                           Stevens Institute of Technology

Third Base                           Julia D'Arrigo                                            Lancaster Bible College

Shortstop                             Jordan Ott                                                 SUNY Potsdam

Outfield                                Diana King                                                New York University

Outfield                                Jennifer Groat                                          SUNY Plattsburgh

Outfield                                Summer Lancette                                    Clarkson University

Designated Player            Haley Powers                                              Alfred University

Utility                                    Jamie Bridge                                             Clarkson University

At-Large                               Vanessa Brown                                         Ithaca College

At-Large                               Cindy Connoly                                          Mount Saint Mary College (N.Y.)

At-Large                               Meagan Anderson                                   Farmingdale State College


At-Large                               Stephanie Novo                                       Buffalo State College

At-Large                               Kaleigh Churchill                                      SUNY Cortland

At-Large                               Delaney Sylvester                                    Suffolk University

At-Large                               Kristen Solari                                            Johnson & Wales University

At-Large                               Andrea Schoonmaker                             SUNY Cortland

At-Large                               Ashley Prince                                           St. John Fisher College

At-Large                               Devan Puhl                                               Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

At-Large                               Diane Cork                                                SUNY Cortland

At-Large                               Katie Mazierski                                         St. John Fisher College

At-Large                               Katy Rimawi                                              The Sage Colleges

At-Large                               Abigail Monroe                                         Utica College

At-Large                               Laura Quicker                                            Ithaca College

At-Large                               Sierra Valentine                                        Rochester Institute of Technology

At-Large                               Brenna Duperry                                        Johnson & Wales University

At-Large                               Nicole Maher                                            Alfred University




Pitcher                                  Kelsie Batten                                            University of Texas at Tyler

Pitcher                                  Anna Gurr                                                 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges

Catcher                                 Nichole Schroeder                                   Pacific Lutheran University

First Base                             Taylor Yancey                                             Texas Lutheran University

Second Base                       Rachel Roberts                                           Pacific University (Ore.)

Third Base                           Leah Brown                                                University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Shortstop                             Raven Rodriguez                                       University of Texas at Tyler

Outfield                                AJ Carrasco                                                 University of Redlands

Outfield                                Melissa Livermore                                     University of Texas at Dallas

Outfield                                Melanie Oord                                             Linfield College

Designated Player            Jayme Perez                                                  East Texas Baptist University

Utility                                    Erin Tauscher                                             Linfield College

At-Large                               Lacey Lindsey                                              East Texas Baptist University

At-Large                               Jennifer Gallagher                                      Texas Lutheran University

At-Large                               Julienne Broussard                                     Belhaven University


Pitcher                                  Taylor Grissom                                            Texas Lutheran University

Pitcher                                  Katherine Kibbe                                          University of La Verne

Pitcher                                  Raquel Tello                                                 East Texas Baptist University

Catcher                                 KK Stevens                                                   University of Texas at Tyler

First Base                             Alexis Schiff                                                 University of La Verne

Second Base                       Linzie Lewis                                                  East Texas Baptist University

Third Base                           Mackenzie Dutton                                      University of La Verne

Shortstop                             Alissa Buss                                                   Linfield College

Outfield                                Tara Robinson                                             Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges

Outfield                                Emily Fleischman                                       Trinity University (Texas)

Outfield                                Lindsey Vasquez                                         East Texas Baptist University

Designated Player            Nicole Snow                                                  Texas Lutheran University

Utility                                    Alexis Padilla                                              East Texas Baptist University

At-Large                               Kaylee Prather                                            University of Texas at Tyler

At-Large                               Chelsey Hayes                                             Whitworth University

At-Large                               Heather Hummel                                        Texas Lutheran University


At-Large                               Makayla Lefever                                         Whitworth University

At-Large                               Marissa Reichard                                        Pacific University (Ore.)

At-Large                               Shelby Saylors                                             Linfield College

At-Large                               Carly Yasses                                                 Belhaven University

At-Large                               Lisa Perez                                                     Chapman University

At-Large                               Karley Free                                                   University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

At-Large                               Mattie Stine                                                 Louisiana College

At-Large                               Dani Craft                                                     Belhaven University

At-Large                               Megan Hill                                                   LeTourneau University

At-Large                               Vanessa Carrizales                                     University of Texas at Tyler

At-Large                               Ashley Mitchell                                           Pacific University (Ore.)

At-Large                               Rebecca Berreth                                         Trinity University (Texas)

At-Large                               Kaymee Gooden                                         Texas Lutheran University

At-Large                               Paige Salavea                                               Lewis and Clark College

At-Large                               Taylor Curtis                                                 Southwestern University (Texas)

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