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National Fastpitch Coaches College

Where else can you receive the unique learning opportunity to receive in-depth information from top coaches in the game that features the live demonstration of drills and the ability to have all of your questions answered over a two-day span? The NFCC is a unique program that is unmatched in its content and access to the premier coaches in the game. You will learn how to elevate your athletes' game by attending any or all of the eight courses offered by the NFCA.

Below are the three courses offered at the 2022 NFCA National Convention in San Antonio (Dec. 7-10).

* These courses are NOT included in the Convention registration fee.

 NFCC Speakers 2022

NFCC Courses Offered at 2022 NFCA Convention

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  •  COURSE 403


    Pre-Convention | December 6-7

    Go in-depth on the defensive side of the game with this two-day course from the NFCA. Join three high-level instructors as they break down the skills, drills, and techniques necessary to play defense at a championship level. Learn individual fundamental components for every defensive position, team defensive drills to take runs off the scoreboard, and challenge what you think you know as you talk shifts and alignments. These coaches have notched more than 15 WCWS appearances and consistently rank in the top five of NCAA defensive statistical categories. Get your notebook ready, this class is going to be a goldmine of information.

  •  COURSE 410


    Pre-Convention | December 6-7

    Being offered for the first time ever in 2022, NFCC 410 provides an in-depth break down of the battery. Join instructors and fellow classmates to learn more about year-round workouts for pitchers, the importance of rest and recovery, keys to effective pitch calling, introducing new pitches, in-game troubleshooting, defensive development of catchers, the umpire relationship, and more.

  •  COURSE 405


    Post-Convention | December 10-11

    What do Mike Trout's hitting coach, an NCAA Division I National Champion, and one of the most aggressive names in base running have in common? They are at your disposal for NFCC 405: Explosive Team Offense and Strategy in San Antonio! You won't want to miss one of the most dynamic offensive coach lineups in recent history. To truly create an explosive team offense you have to be able to do it all; hit for power and average, take advantage of every opportunity on the basepaths, and implement strategy that works for your personnel. These three instructors will show you how to develop a multi-faceted offense as they help you create a roadmap to light up the scoreboard this season.


The NFCA recognizes those coaches who have a specific, vested interest in hitting and pitching education and who have committed to their personal and professional growth through NFCA-sponsored education. An official NFCA coaching endorsement will be provided to coaches who attend three pitching or hitting-specific courses in a four-year period. To view eligibility criteria and see a list of endorsement-eligible courses, please click the button below.


After you complete two NFCC courses you will receive a one-star award and be honored as a One-Star Master Coach. The process continues with the completion of every two new courses until you have taken eight unique NFCC courses. 

One-Star Master Coach = 2 courses

Two-Star Master Coach = 4 courses

Three-Star Master Coach = 6 courses

Four-Star Master Coach = 8 courses

At that time, you will receive an award being honored as a Four-Star Master Coach. Many coaches repeat courses for different perspectives on the content and some choose to not complete all eight courses, and that is just fine. However, we do want you to know that if you complete all NFCC courses the NFCA believes you deserve special recognition.


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